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August Info for Parents/Families:


Our New School Year Starts Back on AUGUST 24th!!
Please be aware that we will be moving into our new preschool wing and the new entrance is on down on Summer Street, we hope you love the new addition to our church and the new addition for our preschool!

*We hope you will join us for the Open House on the 19th of August at 6pm

**Again if you have any questions please feel free to call Melissa Todd, Director of FSCP @ (615) 336-1719 or e-mail her at

See you all soon!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 & 4 Year Old Class Reminder

Reminder to the parents of the students in the 3 year old and Pre-K class. You need to turn in the permission form to Melissa on Thursday for the field trip to the Cedarwood Pumpkin Patch. Forms were sent home last week for any questions please contact Melissa today at pick up.
Thank you!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Another reminder for the parents that the Parent/Teacher Conferences will be Thursday evening. If you do not have an appointment time already marked down tomorrow morning at drop off please see Melissa and she can assist you with that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scholastic Book Order- Reminder!

Just want to post this reminder that the first Scholastic Book order is due by Sept. 24th. You can place your orders online or you can fill out the form and bring to Melissa. If you place your order online your child's class gets a free book. I hope you all have had time to review it and get your orders ready.
here is the site for Scholastic Online and remember you do not have to come up with a username/password Melissa has done that for you it is username/password  firststepsps

If you have questions please contact Melissa Todd at the preschool
Thank you!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Imagination Library Program Week!!

Just wanted to share with everyone that this week is Imagination Library Program Week!! You may know it as the book program that Dolly Parton started :-) It is an awesome book program that is free for your child from birth to age 5. If your child is not currently enrolled in this program please fill out the application sent home today from preschool or you call our local Mayor's office at 723-5100 and get your child enrolled. The best thing is that your child receives an age appropriate book every month. We hope that your child is enrolled in this program; but if not please let us know and we will help you in any way to get your child enrolled. On the left column of the blog is the links for the book program. Thank you so much and Happy Reading!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st Week of Preschool!!!

I know this week for most of the parents has been a week of emotions!! We prepare them for so much during their lives and this step is so big for them but it is also big for us- you can see in these pics that the kids do just fine!!! Ms. Daphne and Ms. Teresia are already getting the kids to work in the first picture. They are influencing our 3 year olds this year and what an awesome combination of women to be teaching our children.
Brent is sporting himself in the parking lot before entering into his Pre-K year at FSCP.
Dayne has walked this walkway a lot over the past years and like Brent is entering in his Pre-K year at FSCP.
It is so impressive to see the children grow and change and parents if this is your child's first year at FSCP you will be blown away by the remarkable leaps and bounds they make by our Christmas break!!
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