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August Info for Parents/Families:


Our New School Year Starts Back on AUGUST 24th!!
Please be aware that we will be moving into our new preschool wing and the new entrance is on down on Summer Street, we hope you love the new addition to our church and the new addition for our preschool!

*We hope you will join us for the Open House on the 19th of August at 6pm

**Again if you have any questions please feel free to call Melissa Todd, Director of FSCP @ (615) 336-1719 or e-mail her at

See you all soon!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

A notice went home with your children- Please review the Operation Christmas Child Form and Please Pray about this gift that will be given to another boy or girl.
This is a chance to provide a gift filled shoebox to a child in desperate situations and share the good news of God's Love.
The true meaning of the season is the birth of Jesus Christ. What a better way to show his love then to give to a child in need.

Please look over the form sent home and please participate in this awesome giving. The deadline is November 17th!!

Thank you again!!!

November Newsletter Has Gone Home

We hope you will be looking at the November Newsletter!! There is a lot of info in there for you all to read and to know about what is going on at the preschool this month.
Big Events for this Month are:
November 19th- Kids Thanksgiving Dinner
November 24 & 26th- Thanksgiving Break

Have a blessed day!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trunk or Treat and Holiday Parties- Thursday Oct. 29th

Early reminder that on October 29th, 2009 at 1130 am we will be having our annual Trunk or Treat at FSCP.
Children will begin their costume parade at 1130- if you wish as a parent or family member or friend to have a trunk set up please do so by 1120, the parking lot will be blocked off at 1125-1130 so that we do not have traffic thru the parking lot during the trunk or treat time. Please have enough goodies for 37 students and then some :-) just in case siblings participate we want enough for everyone. After the children complete their time going trunk to trunk they will be have a holiday party in their classroom- be on the lookout for sign ups in your childs class to participate with the party. If you have any questions please see Melissa at the front desk and please do not forget your camera the children always look so cute in their costumes!!
Thanks again!!

School Pictures

FSCP School Pictures are this Thursday and they will begin at 9am. Please have your child ready upon drop off at school, if you wish for them to change please notify your teacher at drop off. Handouts went home on Tuesday with your children- hope you have had the time to review them.  The prices and what a package includes are on that sheet of paper.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back from the Break

Just wanted to welcome everyone back from the Fall Break!! We hope you have had an awesome week off. Please remember that school pictures are on Thursday of this week and they will get started right after drop off so please have your child ready or their items for them ready at drop off. If you have any questions please let us know.
It will be great to see everyone back!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We are hoping that you are having a wonderful fall break!!! We will see you all next Tuesday, the 20th. Remember Next Thursday the 22nd is school pictures!!!
Have a wonderful and safe week!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fire Safety Day

(Please click on the collage above to make it bigger)

What a special day the preschoolers had by having some fireman come to the preschool and help teach them about fire safety and what to do in case of an emergency. I believe having the fireman there and the fire truck was a real treat. I hope your child learned a lot from the presentation and came away excited.
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Pictures of the children at work

As we keep saying it is hard to believe that one month has gone and our children are beginning October with a bang!! This month is very busy on the preschool schedule and our children are rolling with whatever comes there way. Here are some more pictures of the students hard at work!!!
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Many Faces of FSCP

Here are just a few faces from FSCP...............
Don't worry I have so many pictures to start adding and I keep trying to add pics to the slide show on the right column of the blog so keep a look out there as well.
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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Lots of Announcements for Everyone!!!
     The October Newsletter has gone out. We hope that you take the time to review it and see what is going on with the preschool and the students. Hard to believe already one month down of preschool!! October will be a full month. Next week, Oct. 6th Tuesday, the Pre-K and 3 year old class will be taking a field trip to Cedarwood Pumpkin Patch. Hopefully all permission forms have been turned in and money paid for this event. It is so much fun and I know the children will have a blast. Oct. 22nd is picture day!!! Please remember this day and have your child ready at drop off. If you would like to Volunteer please see Melissa and let her know. Fall Break will be Oct. 12-16th. We hope you enjoy your week off of school and if you are traveling, have safe travels! Then remember toward the end of the month we will be having our Fall Celebration: Trunk or Treat and the parties in the classrooms. More info on that event to come.
     Another exciting thing for the preschool is the new school shirts!!! There has been a lot of thought and time put into these shirts and I hope you all will take a moment and look at them and if you wish to purchase one for your preschooler, they are $10.00, please see Melissa at the desk. 
     We also hope that over this past month that your children are becoming accustomed to preschool and that there has been a good transition. If you have any questions please see Melissa.
October is fun filled and is going to be very exciting!!
Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 & 4 Year Old Class Reminder

Reminder to the parents of the students in the 3 year old and Pre-K class. You need to turn in the permission form to Melissa on Thursday for the field trip to the Cedarwood Pumpkin Patch. Forms were sent home last week for any questions please contact Melissa today at pick up.
Thank you!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Another reminder for the parents that the Parent/Teacher Conferences will be Thursday evening. If you do not have an appointment time already marked down tomorrow morning at drop off please see Melissa and she can assist you with that.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scholastic Book Order- Reminder!

Just want to post this reminder that the first Scholastic Book order is due by Sept. 24th. You can place your orders online or you can fill out the form and bring to Melissa. If you place your order online your child's class gets a free book. I hope you all have had time to review it and get your orders ready.
here is the site for Scholastic Online and remember you do not have to come up with a username/password Melissa has done that for you it is username/password  firststepsps

If you have questions please contact Melissa Todd at the preschool
Thank you!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Imagination Library Program Week!!

Just wanted to share with everyone that this week is Imagination Library Program Week!! You may know it as the book program that Dolly Parton started :-) It is an awesome book program that is free for your child from birth to age 5. If your child is not currently enrolled in this program please fill out the application sent home today from preschool or you call our local Mayor's office at 723-5100 and get your child enrolled. The best thing is that your child receives an age appropriate book every month. We hope that your child is enrolled in this program; but if not please let us know and we will help you in any way to get your child enrolled. On the left column of the blog is the links for the book program. Thank you so much and Happy Reading!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st Week of Preschool!!!

I know this week for most of the parents has been a week of emotions!! We prepare them for so much during their lives and this step is so big for them but it is also big for us- you can see in these pics that the kids do just fine!!! Ms. Daphne and Ms. Teresia are already getting the kids to work in the first picture. They are influencing our 3 year olds this year and what an awesome combination of women to be teaching our children.
Brent is sporting himself in the parking lot before entering into his Pre-K year at FSCP.
Dayne has walked this walkway a lot over the past years and like Brent is entering in his Pre-K year at FSCP.
It is so impressive to see the children grow and change and parents if this is your child's first year at FSCP you will be blown away by the remarkable leaps and bounds they make by our Christmas break!!
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Day of School

It is final time - School is starting - September 1, 2009.

The doors open at 8:15AM. Remember to use the new door on Summer Street, the old door will be locked.

If you want Milk for your child, you can pay on Tuesday. $2.50 for the month, $11.25 for 1/2 the year, or $22.50 for the entire year.

We can not wait - please let me know if you have any questions prior to coming to school.


More Class Pictures

Another peak into the Pre-K class. I am also loving the changes to the classrooms this year. If you are a returning parent to First Steps you will notice a face lift to the classrooms. Also you will notice the new awesome rugs in each of the classrooms!! We are so blessed to have our facility.

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Sneak Peaks into the Classrooms

Here are a couple pictures from the Pre-K class. Ms. Emily and Ms. Becky are going to do an awesome job this year teaching and helping our children to grow and become prepared for Kindergarten. If you most of you are like me having my child in this class has been a little heart tugging. Our children grow up so fast! My oldest son started at First Steps when he was 18 months old and this coming Tuesday he walks into the Pre-K class. I know many of us will be looking for forward to this school year and seeing our children grow and change even more. Please let us continue to pray for Ms. Emily and Ms. Becky as they take on this awesome challenge and please remember to lift up each student attending as well.

Here is a quick look in the world of the 3 year old class. Ms. Teresa and Ms. Daphne are new to First Steps as well this year. But how blessed are we that we have such awesome people coming forward to enrich our children's lives and ours. I will have more pictures of their wonderful classroom and maybe even of them!!!

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Please click on the Collage pic to enlarge it on your screen

These are a few of the pics of the preschool as the new year gets started. You will see the teachers and who is together teaching what age group. Also you can see all the shoes for the kids as the new year is getting underway. There are so many to share I will continue to add to the slide show on the left column and will continue to add pictures to the posts here on the blog.
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Open House

We are excited about the upcoming Open House. It will be Aug. 27 @ 6PM. This will be a great time to meet your teachers and see your classrooms.

Also, at 7PM we will have a welcome and question and answer time for parents - be thinking about questions you might have.

2009- 2010 Calendar of Events for the Preschool

  • August 27- Open House 6p-7p
  • September 1- 1st Day of School
  • September 24- Parent/Teacher Conference by Apt 6-7pm
  • October 12-16- Fall Break, No School
  • October 22- School Pictures (Starting @ 0830)
  • October 29- Fall Celebration/ Trunk or Treat (Volunteers Needed)
  • November 23-27- Thanksgiving Break (No School)
  • December 17- Christmas Celebration/Last Day of the Year (Volunteers Needed)
  • December 22- January 4- Christmas Holiday
  • January 5- 1st Day Back after the Break
  • January 21- Hands On Science Center- Traveling Wizards
  • February 2- Fire Drill
  • February 11- Valentine Party (Volunteers Needed)
  • March 11- Home Depot Day/Staff Enrichment Day
  • April 1- Easter Egg Hunt/ Party (if it rains hunt inside) (Volunteers Needed)
  • April 8- Parent/Teacher Conference by Appointment 6-7pm
  • April 12-16- Spring Break
  • May 4-6 - Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 11- Fun Day
  • May 13- Last Day of School/ Graduation Program

Our Goal

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide opportunities for spiritual, social, mental, emotional, and physical development of each child. * Spiritual Development: We want the child to know that God created the world, that Jesus is God's son, that God loves him/her and that Jesus is his/her friend. It is our hope that just as Jesus loves us unconditionally, each child will feel our unconditional love. * Social Development: We encourage children to develop the skills of respecting the rights of others. Inappropriate behavior such as hitting, biting, or kicking is not permitted to continue beyond that which is developmentally appropriate. The child is encouraged to express him/herself in words and feelings rather than these actions. * Mental and Emotional Development: Teachers will help each child develop a positive self-concept about themselves and the ability to identify and express their emotions. We want the child to develop an awareness that perfection is not necessary; each individual grows at different levels. * Intellectual Development: We offer the WEE (Weekday Early Education) curriculum. Your child will participate in a variety of activities such as: * working with paints, clay, crayons, blocks, and other manipulative materials * enjoying stories, poetry, dramatization, films, and books * learning to respond rhythmically to music, singing new songs, and listening to different kinds of music * acquiring good health and hygiene habits * Physical Development: Your child will be taught how to keep the bodies God gave to them strong and healthy. Opportunities for large-muscle and small-muscle and motor development wil be provided. Your child's day will be balanced with active and quiet times.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is $125.00 per month per child regardless of days actually attended.

Purity Milk Program, $2.50 per month, $11.25 per semester or $22.50 per year.
Additional fees may apply for field trip and special events.



First Steps Christian Preschool is open from September to May on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Preschool hours begin at 8:15 am and ends at 1:00 pm.



Enrollment is open to all preschool age children in the community, providing the Center can meet the needs of that child. We will accept children ages 6 weeks to pre-kindergarten. Final acceptance will depend on: * Health/immunization record up-to-date * Registration packet completed * A non-refundable $90.00 registration fee paid * Space Availability